The following settings are supported:

  • pgConfig*: either the PostgreSQL connection string ('postgres://user:[email protected]/dbname') or a pgClient with which to introspect the database
  • pgSchemas*: an array of schema names to introspect, e.g. ['public']
  • pgInflection: the inflection object to use for naming fields/types/arguments/values. See: graphile-build-pg/src/inflections.js
  • pgExtendedTypes: set true (default) to use JSON and other advanced types, set false to use strings instead
  • pgJwtTypeIdentifier: the fully qualified name of a compound type which, if seen, will be converted to a signed JWT token and returned as a string instead.
  • pgJwtSecret: the secret with which to sign the above token
  • pgDisableDefaultMutations: set to true if you don't want to use our default CRUD mutations

These are mostly taken from the PostGraphile API options, options for custom plugins can be supplied through graphileBuildOptions. For the complete list of options see the source of getPostGraphileBuilder.

* Required