Instant, secure and fast GraphQL API for Postgres

Builds and serves a client-facing GraphQL API by inspecting your existing database (tables, columns, relations, views, procedures and more). No GraphQL coding necessary!

Works with Apollo, Relay Modern and most other GraphQL clients. Enforce user permissions at the data level using PostgreSQL's well established, granular and trusted Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and Row-Level Security (RLS) features.

Run it now with one command:

npx postgraphile -c postgres:///mydb

Requires Node.js 8.6+. No installation required (npx performs a temporary install). Connection string is of the format:postgres://pg_user:[email protected]_host:pg_port/pg_db

More about PostGraphile

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Graphile Engine

High-performance pluggable GraphQL schema tools

Prefer building your GraphQL APIs by hand? Using our look-ahead feature your code can know what's coming leading to fewer round-trips and higher performance. Our plugin architecture allows you to extend or enhance your GraphQL API as your needs evolve.

GraphQL Training

GraphQL and PostGraphile training in UK and Europe.

By adopting GraphQL in your business you can innovate faster and deliver better web experiences leading to increase conversions, fewer lost sales due to bugs and higher search engine ratings. Let us show you how.