Sponsor Graphile's Open Source Software

Graphile has a number of crowd-funded open-source projects, licensed under the permissive MIT license, including PostGraphile, Graphile Worker, Graphile Migrate and Graphile Starter. Sponsorship increases the rate of fixes, documentation improvements, and feature development on these and other projects.

A suited man reveals the Grafast heart logo on his chest, in the style of Superman

Sponsor Grafast

The next-generation planning and execution engine for GraphQL

Grafast is currently only available to Graphile sponsors as it is still undergoing heavy iteration; sign up as a sponsor to get access to the binaries and documentation (sponsor at the Featured Tier for access to the repository, issues and support!)

Who sponsors Graphile?

We're extremely grateful to the following individuals and businesses that help to fund ongoing development on the Graphile suite through sponsorship. THANK YOU!

Joe Dennis
Politics Rewired
Robert Claypool
Principia Mentis
Ian Stewart
Luxor Labs
Nathanael Beisiegel
Ayog Healthcare
Severin Ibarluzea
Sam Levin
Matt Bretl
Chris Watland
James Rascoe
Simon Elliott
CJ Lazell
Daniel Einspanjer
Philipp Litzenberger
Mansoor Razzaq
Alvin Ali Khaled
Keith Layne
Olli Selamaa
Paul Melnikow
Jimmy Liu
Kadi Kraman
Stéphane Klein
Benjamin Berman
Nicolas Penot
Gamma Peak
plus 58 more backers...

Why "crowd-funded open-source project"?

Many of our projects are open-source to give users great freedom in how they use the software, and to enable the community to have influence over how the projects progress to make it appropriate for a wide range of use-cases. To ensure users can rely on these projects for years to come, they need to be well directed and financially sustainable.

The absolute best way to support Graphile is to become a sponsor. Crowd-sourced funding enables us to spend the most time directly working on improving the software, which you and other users then benefit from.

How is sponsorship money spent?

Sponsorship money is used to fund software development, testing, documentation and releases of the PostGraphile and Graphile suite. A small amount is also used to send rewards such as stickers and learning materials to our backers.

Is sponsorship required to use Graphile's OSS?

Users are not legally required to give back to the Graphile project, but it is in their interest to do so.

By significantly reducing the amount of work needed to achieve business goals and reducing running costs, Graphile's software results in huge time and money savings for users. We encourage organizations to contribute a portion of these savings back, enabling the projects to advance more rapidly, and result in even greater savings for your organization.

How can I sponsor?

Our preferred sponsorship provider is currently GitHub since they are waiving all fees:

If you prefer, you may instead sponsor us via Patreon. If you wish to sponsor through other means, please get in touch with [email protected], or DM Benjie or Jem on Discord.

🙏 Thank you, sponsors! 🙏