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PostGraphile is a crowd-funded open-source project, licensed under the permissive MIT license.

Why is PostGraphile a "crowd-funded open-source project"?

PostGraphile is open-source to give users great freedom in how they use the software, and to enable the community to have influence over how the project progresses to make it appropriate for a wide range of use-cases.

To make PostGraphile a project that users can rely on for years to come, it needs to be well directed and financially sustainable. We intend to achieve this goal, at least partially, through crowd-funding — where users of the software sponsor its ongoing development. This way, everyone can benefit from more frequent releases with better performance, better compatibility, better documentation, easier customization, and more features — leading to even greater savings or profits for your organization.

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How is sponsorship money spent?

Currently sponsorship money is used to fund software development, testing, documentation and releases of the PostGraphile and Graphile Engine software suite. In future we hope to use sponsorship money to grow the PostGraphile team, and to enable us to reimburse community contributors.

Is sponsorship required to use PostGraphile?

Users of PostGraphile are expected to give back to the project, but are not legally required to do so. By significantly reducing the amount of work needed to achieve business goals, PostGraphile results in huge savings for users. We expect organizations to contribute a portion of these savings back, enabling the project to advance more rapidly.

How can I sponsor PostGraphile

Our preferred sponsorship provider is currently Patreon:

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If you wish to sponsor PostGraphile through other means, please get in touch with [email protected]