Graphile Announcements

The latest news on PostGraphile and the Graphile suite

Graphile Starter is here


Graphile Starter has been released today; a new opinionated quick-start project which is designed to be built upon. Take your project idea and rapidly prototype it without having to think about session management, job queues, user registration system, testing or a design framework - all of that is included for you!

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PostGraphile 4.5 - explain feature


Version 4.5 is here, and with it comes an enhanced GraphiQL with a query explain feature.

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PostGraphile 4.4 - real time features


Version 4.4 has been released, and among other things it adds real-time features including GraphQL subscriptions and live queries!

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PostGraphile 4.1 - better webpackability!


Building upon the huge performance gains found in Version 4, the release of Version 4.1 has a huge improvement to startup performance in serverless environments. This update also brings a large number of enhancements including much broader PostgreSQL function support, an enhanced GraphiQL interface, and a lot more helpers for writing plugins.

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PostGraphile Version 4 is here


Version 4 has launched! More performant, more extensible and more customisable than ever before. Easily extend PostGraphile's functionality with plugins developed and shared by the community.

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