Graphile Announcements

The latest news on PostGraphile and the Graphile suite

PostGraphile Version 4.4 released

Version 4.4 is here, and among other things it adds real-time features including GraphQL subscriptions and live queries!

Read more about the latest PostGraphile version here

PostGraphile Version 4.1 - better webpackability!

Building upon the huge performance gains found in Version 4, the release of Version 4.1 has a huge improvement to startup performance in serverless environments. This update also brings a large number of enhancements including much broader PostgreSQL function support, an enhanced GraphiQL interface, and a lot more helpers for writing plugins.

Read more about PostGraphile Version 4.1 here

PostGraphile Version 4 is here

Version 4 has launched! More performant, more extensible and more customisable than ever before. Easily extend PostGraphile's functionality with plugins developed and shared by the community.

Read more about PostGraphile Version 4 here