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PostGraphile Version 4.4 released

Version 4.4 is here, and among other things it adds real-time features including GraphQL subscriptions and live queries!

Read more about the latest PostGraphile version here

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Chad F

senior technical lead

Thanks for making GraphQL something I can use on my project in a robust way with minimal effort. 500-1500 requests per second on a single server is pretty awesome. 

Bradley A


I setup my backend to use PostGraphile directly when querying the local database. It's removed a bunch of hand-written SQL, added type-safety to verify Postgres schema compatibility, and created a more consistent dev experience for frontend/backend code. 

Sam L

full stack developer

This project, Benjie's handling of it, the docs, support, and community is awesome all around. PostGraphile is a powerful, idomatic, and elegant tool. 

Max D

software consultant

Recently I launched a few mobile and web apps using GraphQL, Great stuff, not least thanks to wonderful PostGraphile and Apollo. At this point, it’s quite hard for me to come back and enjoy working with REST. 

PostGraphile Version 4.1 - better webpackability!

Building upon the huge performance gains found in Version 4, the release of Version 4.1 has a huge improvement to startup performance in serverless environments. This update also brings a large number of enhancements including much broader PostgreSQL function support, an enhanced GraphiQL interface, and a lot more helpers for writing plugins.

Read more about PostGraphile Version 4.1 here

PostGraphile Version 4 is here

Version 4 has launched! More performant, more extensible and more customisable than ever before. Easily extend PostGraphile's functionality with plugins developed and shared by the community.

Read more about PostGraphile Version 4 here