Development Support Now Available


The Graphile team are pleased to introduce a new Development Support offering, drawing on their experience as educators and leaders in the GraphQL ecosystem. Development Support gives your organization access to the knowledge and experience of the Graphile team for any issues you have with PostGraphile, the Graphile suite and other tools in the ecosystem such as TypeScript, SQL, Node.js, GraphQL and more.

Benjie stands on a stage, behind him is a presentation slide about the history of Postgres with the caption 'Make it work, make it right, make it fast'

Graphile maintainer, GraphQL TSC member and keynote speaker Benjie is well placed to offer Development Support for PostGraphile and related technologies in the GraphQL ecosystem. Together with the Graphile team, he will lend his expertise to your in-house development and push for faster, safer and more robust software development and practices.

Find out more about the Graphile support offering here.