Intro to PostGraphile V5 — a new blog series!

Announced 2023-06-22 by the Graphile Team

In our new blog post series, we are beginning to lift the curtain of secrecy which has surrounded Version 5 for the past few years. Each week, Benjie will dive in to a key feature of this massive new release.

This week we are starting with an exploration of replacing the look-ahead system. In the post, you'll find out why we invented Grafast (our new planning and execution engine for GraphQL); see examples of the straightforward “plan resolvers” that PostGraphile V5 uses; and revel in the significantly simplified and more efficient SQL queries that V5 generates.

PostGraphile V5 Sponsors Early Access

April marked a big milestone for PostGraphile Version 5, when it entered the alpha stage.

With thanks to everyone in the V5 testing community - and a special shout out for the excellent and continued feedback from our sponsors dfg, hov, James, Josiah and the Netflix team, mattste, Simon, and Timo - we're now confident V5 is suitable to run in production. Work preparing for final release is still ongoing, but we now have a detailed migration guide, updated docs, an enhanced developer experience and much improved backwards compatibility!

With the beta just around the corner, now is the perfect time to join our sponsors and test Version 5. If you don’t try V5 until after its public release then it may be too late to comment on things that could have been improved. All sponsors are invited to join the early access program, if you already sponsor us please get in contact and we'll arrange an access code for you and your team.

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Thank you for sponsoring the project!

Our ability to innovate and make our tooling freely available would not be possible without our sponsors, thank you to each and every sponsor - past and present - for the financial support to keep building tools which serve you. For everyone else, find out how to sponsor here.