PostGraphile Releases Version 4.10 - Framework Friends

Announced 2020-11-27 by Team Graphile

Graphile is pleased to announce the release of PostGraphile version 4.10, an upgrade introducing better support for various Node.js webserver frameworks, an upgraded GraphiQL and GraphiQL Explorer, and improvements added by our community members.

Improved Framework Support

The major feature in this release is vastly improved support for various Node.js webserver frameworks, including: Node itself, Connect, Express, Koa, Fastify (v2 and v3), and Restify. This also fixes some long-standing compatibility issues with certain Koa plugins.

To accomplish this, we've split the middleware into separate route handlers for each of our routes, and you can either use the middleware to delegate to these (where the framework allows), or you can add the route handlers directly. You can find documentation in our library usage page and can see examples in our new server examples folder:

A gallery wall of frames containing logos for Connect, Restify, Fastify,
  Express and Koa

Upgraded PostGraphiQL

The GraphiQL upgrade provides a dedicated headers editor panel next to the variables editor, which replaces the old proof-of-concept sidebar. It also adds new "Merge Query" and "Copy Query" buttons to the enhanced GraphiQL which may ease development or debugging flows. The Explorer pane is now much smoother and better looking too!

Community member @eddiewang also added the ability to configure credentials for GraphiQL. We appreciate additions from our community; if you wish to see a particular feature in one of the Graphile projects, we encourage you to open an issue or pull request with details. See our Contribution Guide for some important information before going ahead and writing a new feature.

A screenshot of the new improved PostGraphiQL

GraphQL v15

GraphQL v15 compatibility has finally been added - you should review the changes for yourself and pin GraphQL v14 if there are any breaking changes in your projects.

Thank you

As always we want to say a huge THANK YOU to all our sponsors and contributors; This release includes many additions from new and old-hat contributors, and wouldn't have been possible without paid time from our sponsors. If your company benefits from PostGraphile or the wider Graphile suite, you should consider asking them to fund our work. By significantly reducing the amount of work needed to achieve business goals and reducing running costs, Graphile's software results in huge time and money savings for users. We encourage companies to contribute a portion of these savings back, enabling the projects to advance more rapidly, and result in even greater savings for your company. Find out more about sponsorship here on our website.

PostGraphile thanks the community

Full release notes

Full detailed technical release notes can be found on GitHub: