Graphile Team Releases pgRITA - a Tool for Postgres

Announced 2020-07-21 by Team Graphile

If you've ever thought "I'd love to have the Graphile maintainer checking over my database schema design," then we're extremely excited to share our news with you!

We've built a service (using Graphile Starter) that will analyze your database design against a list of rules we've compiled over the last few years of consultancy and support, explains any detected issues, and in many cases provides tailored SQL fixes to inspire your next migration. Income from this service will help fund Graphile's Open Source endeavours, and what's more, it has a free plan with some essential rules that pair beautifully with PostGraphile.

Recommendations. Insights. Tailored. Actionable.

pgRITA analyzes your database schema against our rules, compiling an interactive report that helps your engineers to build secure, robust and performant databases. Many of our rules produce fixes tailored to your database enabling you to fix missing indexes, constraints, permissions and more in record time.

Really Insightful Technical Appliance

pgRITA compiles an interactive report showing the results of the database analysis, with detailed documentation that explains the potential issues found in the database, and helps engineers determine how to resolve them.

If you're thinking of engaging a database consultant, running pgRITA first could be a great way to reduce costs ─ enabling the consultant to focus in the more bespoke areas where they provide the most value.

View an example report and try the pgRITA demo now.

A purple andriod named RITA uses a touchscreen to give a report to a woman