Graphile Worker 0.4 released

Announced 2020-02-05 by Team Graphile

Today, Graphile Worker 0.4 has been released. This version includes significantly enhanced performance gains, a dedicated API for queuing jobs from TypeScript, and the ability to run jobs in parallel.

Graphile Worker is a job queue for PostgreSQL running on Node.js. It allows you to run jobs (e.g. sending emails, performing calculations, generating PDFs, etc) "in the background" so that your HTTP response/application code is not held up. Worker can be used with any PostgreSQL-backed application and pairs beautifully with PostGraphile. You can find Worker on GitHub.

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Full release notes

The full, technical details can be found in the release notes in the project repo.

Thank you Graphile Sponsors

Graphile Worker is a part of a suite of open source developer tools which we make to address both our needs as developers, and the needs of the wider developer community. This freedom to innovate and make our tooling available for free would not be possible without our sponsors. We have recently joined the GitHub sponsors program and that, alongside Patreon, has been invaluable in giving us paid time to work on open source projects. Take our projects, go make some money, and then give back to help support further development on both Worker and the whole Graphile suite of tools.

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