PostGraphile Releases Version 4.12 - Awesome Aggregates

Announced 2021-05-27 by the Graphile Team

Graphile is pleased to announce the release of PostGraphile version 4.12 - a significant update bringing full support for aggregates.

Awesome Aggregates

We've finally taken our proof of concept aggregation plugin and fleshed it out with some very significant features: calculating aggregates across connections, grouped aggregates, applying conditions to grouped aggregates, ordering by relational aggregates, filtering by the results of aggregates on related connections, and more besides.

For more details see the plugin hosted on GitHub

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Release Notes

This release also includes a few small fixes and some other minor features that enable greater community expansion of PostGraphile. We love seeing your plugins - do share them in our #i-made-this channel on Discord or add them to the list on the website!

Full release notes available on GitHub:

Thank you Sponsors

PostGraphile is crowd-funded open-source software, it relies on crowd-sourced funding from individuals and companies to keep advancing.

If your company benefits from PostGraphile or the wider Graphile suite, you should consider asking them to fund our work. By significantly reducing the amount of work needed to achieve business goals and reducing running costs, Graphile's software results in huge time and money savings for users. We encourage companies to contribute a portion of these savings back, enabling the projects to advance more rapidly, and result in even greater savings for your company. Find out more about sponsorship here on our website.

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