PostGraphile Releases Version 4.1 - Better Webpackability!

The original GraphQL API for PostgreSQL: now with improved Lambda support

Announced 2018-12-06

Building upon the huge performance gains found in Version 4, Benjie Gillam is pleased to announce the release of Version 4.1 of PostGraphile, now with a huge improvement to startup performance in serverless environments. This update also brings a large number of enhancements including much broader PostgreSQL function support, an enhanced GraphiQL interface, and a lot more helpers for writing plugins.

See the entire release notes on GitHub.

Better webpackability

Thanks to funding from Connecting Good, PostGraphile Version 4.1 enhances startup performance for webpack and serverless/Amazon Lambda users:

  • Bundle size is around 10 times smaller
  • Unzip time is up to 140 times faster
  • Cold start time is now under half a second

This has been achieved through targeted work optimising PostGraphile’s "webpackability" - how well it could be processed by the popular webpack tool. Previously, many features of PostGraphile could not be included in webpack's output, resulting in >4000 files to be zipped up and sent to Lambda. Now a PostGraphile application can be reduced to just 2 files, leading to a smaller zip file and a faster startup time.

Do you use PostGraphile in serverless environments? If so, make sure to update to Version 4.1 and let us know about your performance gains.

Big contributions from the Graphile community

PostGraphile thanks our contributors

Version 4.1 also includes a big update from frequent contributor @mattbretl, who has introduced support for a wider range of PostgreSQL functions. This reduces the constraints developers have to work within, freeing them to use the right PostgreSQL function type for the task, leading to even faster development times.

Help us to help you!

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PostGraphile thanks the community