PostGraphile V5 public beta — get involved!

Announced 2023-08-03 by the Graphile Team

It’s finally here! The day has come that you can get your hands on an early release of PostGraphile Version 5; but we do have an ask: please help us to get it ready for release.

We need help writing automated tests, validating it works in your real-world applications, improving the documentation, keeping up with issues and community support, porting plugins, smoothing edges, and as always we need financial support so we can keep investing our time into V5 and our other projects. Find out what this means for you at the new PostGraphile website.

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Intro to V5

We have continued to detail the new exciting features in PostGraphile Version 5. Particularly exciting are those in Parts 5 & 6 - a pair of brand new features which can unlock new possibilities for your projects. Find the full “Intro to V5” series on, covering the following:

  • Replacing the Foundations
  • Plug-ins and Presets
  • Introspection and Abstraction
  • Making the Schema Yours
  • Polymorphism!
  • Excellent Executable Exports

If you appreciate the work we do, and you want to help us to continue doing it, then please support development of this project via sponsorship. With your support we can improve performance, usability and documentation at a greater rate, leading to reduced running and engineering costs for your organisation, leading to a net ROI. Find out how to sponsor here.

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