Professional Support

From the team behind PostGraphile and Graphile Engine

On Demand Consultancy

For timely help when you don't have a support plan

  • One-on-one time with Graphile's maintainer
  • Same-day slots often available
  • One hour of voice/screensharing for $275
  • Book directly from the calendar using PayPal

Support Plan

🔹 Revamped for 2021 🔹

Timely access to the Graphile team throughout the year

  • 2 x 30 minute consultancy calls each month
  • Prioritised tickets for issues you have with the Graphile suite
  • Guaranteed response to critical issues in under 1 business day
  • NDA available

Our Support Plan gives your team access to the knowledge and experience of the Graphile team for any issues you have with PostGraphile and the Graphile suite.

🌟 The Support Plan includes 2 x 30 minute consultancy calls each month, where you can screenshare with Graphile's maintainer.

Price: $300/mo, paid quarterly or annually (+ VAT where applicable)


What are the response times?

Response times are guaranteed based on the severity of the incoming support request:

  • critical: 1 business day
  • serious: 1.5 business days
  • moderate: 2 business days
  • minor: 5 business days

How is severity classified?

We classify the severity of incoming support requests according to these classes:

  • critical: the Software is inoperable or a core function of the Software is unavailable or a critical security vulnerability in the Software is discovered;
  • serious: a core function of the Software is significantly impaired;
  • moderate: a core function of the Software is impaired, where the impairment does not constitute a serious issue; or a non-core function of the Software is significantly impaired; and
  • minor: any impairment of the Software not falling into the above categories; and any cosmetic issue affecting the Software or its documentation.

Does the support plan cover large/complex deployments, and multi-stage QA pipelines?

The advertised fee is not affected by how you deploy, or how many development environments you have. However, you should note that the support plan covers issues with the Graphile suite only, it does not cover external concerns such as your servers, routing, proxying and deployment — we cannot help you debug your Kubernetes cluster, or help spot an issue in your nginx config.

Do consultancy hours rollover from month to month?

No, consultancy calls are managed via voucher codes that are issued at the start of the month and are valid for a little over one month against a shared calender of call slots. Don't wait until the end of the month to book - schedule calls in advance to avoid disappointment.

What kind of things can the support be used for?

The main use case for Graphile support is that if you hit a bug in PostGraphile or the Graphile suite of tools, we can help you to understand it, and advise you on how to work around the issue until a fix is available. Given PostGraphile's MIT license (which disclaims all liabilities), having the guarantee of a rapid response to production or development issues is the main value proposition of the support plan.

A secondary use case is if the documentation is unclear or lacking in a particular area, we can prioritise fixing it, and can provide you with a solution/explanation in the interim.

Experimental features of PostGraphile (these are marked with 'experimental' or 'EXPERIMENTAL' in the documentation) are not officially covered under the support agreement, but if we're able we will try and help you with these also.

Support requests cannot be used:

  • for general consulting,
  • for brainstorming,
  • for development of new features or plugins.

The Support Plan includes 2 x 30 minute of consultancy calls each month, which can be used in a more flexible way, and allows for important one-on-one time with the maintainer of the Graphile suite. Calls work best when you come to them with a planned list of discussion points, and these can include more general queries and advice.

Should you require longer consulting hours or developing of new features and plugins, we have other options such as one-on-one ad-hoc consulting or longer consulting and/or software development contracts. Please get in touch for more information.

What other benefits does a support plan give me?

On our Discord chat, members are given coloured name badges if they support our open source endeavours in some way (sponsorship, support plan, etc). Unofficially, we can allocate more time to helping these members with coloured name badges.