Professional Support

From the team behind PostGraphile, Graphile Worker and the Graphile suite

On Demand Consultancy

For timely help when you don't have a support plan

  • One-on-one time with Graphile's maintainer
  • Same-day slots often available
  • One hour of voice / screensharing for $500
  • Book directly from the calendar using a credit or debit card

Development Support

One-to-one access to the Graphile team throughout the year

  • Priority text support straight from the maintainer
  • Add the Graphile team to your chat server for timely responses
  • Reference your code verbatim
  • Add the team to your GitHub/GitLab organisation
  • Calls arranged as required
  • The benefits of sponsorship included & free access to pgRITA
  • NDA available
Development Support gives your organisation access to the knowledge and experience of the Graphile team for any issues you have with PostGraphile, the Graphile suite and other tools in the ecosystem such as TypeScript, SQL, Node.js, GraphQL and more. If you're running any of the Graphile tools, you won't find anyone more qualified to help.

From $1,500/month, paid monthly through GitHub sponsors, or quarterly/annually through invoicing (+ VAT where applicable). T&Cs apply.

Maintainer of Graphile and GraphQL TSC member

Maintainer of Graphile, GraphQL TSC member and keynote speaker, Benjie is at the forefront of GraphQL development. Together with the Graphile team, he will lend his expertise to your in-house development and push for faster, safer and more robust software development and practices.

Benjie at Reactive Conf 2019

Want more?

Our Consultancy Retainer includes the benefits above, plus:

  • Schedule calls directly on our calendar, no additional fee
  • Longer and deeper discussions:
    • planning product features
    • designing your database or GraphQL schema
    • solving (or avoiding) performance issues
    • debugging
  • Targeted code review
From $6,000/month, cancel any time, no minimum term.

Get in touch

T&Cs apply - calls may be up to 3 hours, at most one per day, subject to availability - prices quoted for teams containing up to 10 engineers - pay monthly through GitHub Sponsors, or through quarterly/annual invoicing (+ VAT where applicable).

Help us to keep our software free and open source!

In addition to helping your developers advance your business directly, your Development Support plan also helps fund advancement of the Graphile open source projects you rely on (as well as related projects such as the GraphQL Specification).

By enabling Graphile to pursue improvements that benefit all parties in the ecosystem, you are ensuring the software remains relevant and something you'll be able to rely on for years to come.