Contribute to PostGraphile

PostGraphile wouldn't be where it is today without valuable contributions from the open source community.

How to contribute

PostGraphile wouldn’t be where it is today without the people who supported it by dedicating their time, skills and knowledge to it since its inception in 2016.

There is always something for anyone who wants to get involved; be it programming, writing, presenting at meetups or more. We are working hard to build an inclusive and supportive community around the Graphile suite, and would love for more interested people to join.


Join us on our chat server. Here we discuss current plans for the project, and help users with queries. We always welcome more members who can help answer questions and share their experiences.


An easy way to get started with code contributions is to share code examples in our Documentation, or write and share your own PostGraphile plugins. Come and discuss your ideas in the #plugin-development channel on our chat server.


Adding to the documentation is always a valuable way to contribute. You can add code samples, explanations, images, example plugins, or anything else you think will be helpful. This will help you learn, and will teach other users too. Look for issues tagged 'Add to Docs' as a way to start.


Talk about PostGraphile at your local meetups and in your workplace. If you're planning on giving a presentation, let us know and we'll send you some stickers or cheatsheets to support your talk. You can contact us on our chat server or on twitter and we'll do what we can to help you.


We always want to hear about your use of PostGraphile, whether a good experience or bad. Sharing your story helps us improve, and encourages other potential users to give PostGraphile a try. We want to compile some user case studies, so please get in contact on chat or on twitter with your PostGraphile story.


Share your experiences with the project on your blog or social media - it could be about how you use the project, what success you've seen, or anything else; sharing your experiences with PostGraphile helps more people find us, which in turn allows the project to grow and become more sustainable. Don't forget to tag us on twitter and we'll share your writing too.


Crowd-sourced funding enables us to spend the most time directly working on improving PostGraphile, which you and other PostGraphile users then benefit from. Sponsorship money is used to fund software development, testing, documentation and releases of the PostGraphile and Graphile Engine software suite. Sponsor PostGraphile on Patreon here.

Core Code Contribution Guide

We welcome code contributions, together we can make great software that enables developers to build powerful applications in record time. Your first step should be to check in with our maintainers on the Discord chat server to see what areas of PostGraphile are being worked on at the moment.

We also have a Contributing Guide which contains details of our development and testing environment as well as guidelines on commit messages and other things which are useful for code contributors. Be sure to read it through before making your pull request!

Pull requests should be focussed to changing only one thing at a time, the smaller the PR the easier it is to review and the faster the turn-around time. Any large changes should seek maintainer approval first.

Code of Conduct

The Graphile projects are governed by the Contributor Covenant code of conduct. In the interest of fostering an open and welcoming environment, we as contributors and maintainers pledge to making participation in our project and our community a harassment-free experience for everyone. This covers all areas of the Graphile community, including: the source code, commit messages, issues and pull requests on GitHub, any and all documentation, online chat and official social media accounts. The full code of conduct can be found here.