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PostGraphile core is open source software under the MIT license. Pro is a commercial plugin which enhances PostGraphile with additional features and helps fund development and maintenance on PostGraphile Core.

See below the pricing table for more information.
Core p Pro
Audience Hobbyists, OSS projects and
pre-revenue startups
Businesses and enterprise
Instant GraphQL API
(queries and mutations)
Automatic CRUD mutations
Excellent performance
Authentication via JWT or custom pgSettings
RLS and RBAC authorization
Relay-compatible connections
Simple list-based relations
Computed columns
Custom queries
Custom mutations
Customisable with
Smart Comments
Extensible via plugins
GraphQL Subscriptions
GraphQL Live Queries
Integrated GraphQL query cost limit
Integrated limits on pagination
Integrated GraphQL query depth limits
Facility to scale via read replicas
License MIT Commercial
Pricing Crowd-fundedPlease give back $100/mo USD $25/mo exc. VATEUR €25/mo, GBP £20/mo
Purchase Credit/Debit Card
Sponsor development Buy
These features integrate deeply with PostGraphile and have been optimised for its nuances by the maintainer. If you wish to build and maintain protections yourself rather than using the Pro plugin, refer to Running in Production for information on how you might go about doing this. Purchasing the Pro plugin helps fund ongoing development and maintenance on the open source PostGraphile project.

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PostGraphile core is OSS under the MIT license

PostGraphile core is sufficient for many peoples needs; it's the only version that existed for the first 2 years of the project and many people are running it with great success in production. No features in PostGraphile core have been removed or obscured, and it continues to be advanced and enhanced.

Development and maintenance of PostGraphile core is ongoing, supported by contributions from the community, professional services contracts, Patreon supporters and sales of commercial plugin licenses.

PostGraphile Pro is a commercial plugin

The Pro plugin enhances PostGraphile with additional features and is loaded through the standard server plugin interface.

The Pro plugin contains features that are particularly useful to businesses wishing to scale their solution out using database read-replicas or protect the generated GraphQL API from expensive queries which may be issued by untrusted third parties. (Typically if the intended clients to your GraphQL API are first-party only then you would use a GraphQL query whitelist (e.g. persisted queries) for this purpose; although the Pro features can still be helpful to dissuade your developers from building expensive queries!)

Where are the @graphile/pro docs/changelog?

You can read the @graphile/pro README on npm. There's also a lot more information in the Production Considerations page on this website.

Commercial plugins help fund development on PostGraphile

Maintaining an OSS project is very (very!) time-intensive. Giving this maintenance work a solid commercial backing benefits hobbyist and commercial users alike by making the project more sustainable and helping new features and fixes to be developed and released faster.

I'm an enterprise user and need X, Y and Z

Please get in touch and I'll be happy to help!

Questions, comments or feedback?
Email [email protected]

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