PostGraphile Releases Version 4.11 - Wonderful Websockets

Announced 2021-01-29 by the Graphile Team

Graphile is pleased to announce the release of PostGraphile version 4.11, an upgrade introducing support for GraphQL websockets, extended support for 'enum tables', native GraphQL schema validation, and fixes in watch mode.

Websocket Support

Thanks to help from author @enisdenjo, PostGraphile 4.11 adds support for the new graphql-ws websocket transport module to replace Apollo's unmaintained subscriptions-transport-ws. It's advised that anyone using websockets with GraphQL move to this new module and protocol.

Opting into this new method also allows the user to perform queries and mutations this way - but the security implications need to be scrutinised first, particularly with respect to cross-site request forgery issues as websockets behave in a different way.

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GraphQL Schema Validation

We were surprised to realize that we hadn't yet had PostGraphile validate its GraphQL schema! Fortunately, the schema PostGraphile builds has always been valid, and now we have made sure it checks for this. This means that any bugs in third-party plugins will now be caught before the server goes live.

Other Additions

  • Support for "enum tables" has been extended to views.
  • A bug in watch mode (which is not intended for production usage) which could result in pool exhaustion has been resolved.
  • A minor performance enhancement to pg-sql2 that allows re-use of sql.value nodes for improved PostgreSQL query planning and marginally more efficient queries.
  • GraphiQL now contains enhancements to the "Merge" functionality

There are also a number of bug fixes, see the release notes for the full details

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Full release notes available on GitHub: