PostGraphile Releases Version 4.8 - Excellent Enums

Announced 2020-08-05 by the Graphile Team

Graphile is pleased to announce the release of PostGraphile version 4.8.0, an upgrade recommended for all PostGraphile users, which introduces support for enum tables and geometric types.

Enum Tables

PostGraphile now supports "enum tables"; we have previously recommended against using PostgreSQL enums if the enums are ever likely to change after creation. This is because PostgreSQL enums cannot be added to within a transaction, and cannot ever have a value removed.

Instead, we recommend creating a table where the enum value is the primary key, and use foreign key constraints to reference this value.

This functionality is now written inside of PostGraphile. This means you may need to revisit your database permissions if you wish to use this functionality ⁠— don't worry, it only queries the table if it sees the @enum smart comment.

An enum table must have a text (or varchar / char) primary key, and may have other columns. It must be done through using an @enum smart comment (and not a smart tag file or plugin) due to the way in which PostGraphile v4's introspection engine works. See our documentation for more information, or the detailed technical release notes.

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All new features

  • Add support for "enum tables" (GitHub link)
  • Add support for geometric types (GitHub link)
  • Warn early if placeholders will be exhausted (GitHub link)
  • @pgSubscription directive now supports initial events (GitHub link), thank you to @enisdenjo

Further details and full list of fixes in the technical release notes.

Thank you

The Graphile suite of tools

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Full release notes

Full detailed technical release notes can be found on GitHub: