PostGraphile Now Supports GraphQL Over Server-Sent Events

Announced 2022-04-15 by the Graphile Team

PostGraphile now supports GraphQL over Server-Sent Events; a protocol which enables the user to push data to web pages in real-time.

This functionality is powered by graphql-sse - a zero-dependency, HTTP/1 safe, simple, GraphQL over Server-Sent Events Protocol server and client, written by Denis Badurina.

Find his implementation for PostGraphile in the graphile-contrib repo.

People sending paper airplanes to each other.

Contribute to Graphile projects

This is just one example of a Graphile community member adding to the Graphile suite of open source tools. We welcome contributions in many forms across many of our projects, from simple fixes in our documentation through to community plug-ins and contributions to the main PostGraphile git branch. If you wish to get involved, a good first step is our Contribution Guide; if you wish to get stuck into developing on the main branches of our projects then please pop into our Community Discord where we have several #dev channels - this will let you see where we're currently working in the code base, and ideas others have also had. Pull requests should be focused on changing only one thing at a time - and large changes should seek maintainer approval first. We look forward to welcoming you to our team of contributors!

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