Graphile Migrate Reaches 1.0

Announced 2020-11-27 by the Graphile Team

The Graphile team are pleased to announce that Graphile Migrate 1.0 has been released; after many months of use and testing, Migrate is ready to move from 'experimental' into stable v1.0.0. There are no breaking changes in this release, there is now support for a .gmrc.js file and a few minor fixes.

Graphile Migrate is an opinionated, SQL-powered, productive roll-forward migration tool for Postgres. In true Graphile style, it is simple, familiar, fully functional, configurable and fast: Save a file and the database is updated in milliseconds. There's no custom DSL to learn, use already familiar Postgres syntax. Graphile Migrate pairs well with PostGraphile and the wider Graphile suite of tools. You can find it on GitHub.

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Thank you Graphile Sponsors and contributors!

We extend our gratitude to everyone who has filed issues and pull requests against Graphile Migrate ⁠— contributors and user feedback are invaluable to open source projects and help to push the software to be the best possible version of itself it can be. Can you believe that there are currently no open issues or pull requests in this project? We don't expect that to last long!

This freedom to innovate and make our tooling available for free would not be possible without our sponsors. The GitHub Sponsor program has been key in enabling us to spend paid time on our open source work. If you appreciate what we do, encourage your company to sponsor us to help us keep dedicating time and resources to our open source developer tooling. There's more information on our sponsor page.

Graphile thanks the community