GitHub Sponsors Now Available to Organizations

Announced 2020-12-08

Many companies depend on open source every day, so it's crucial to invest back into that infrastructure which they have built their businesses upon. So starting today, companies can sponsor projects and developers through their existing billing with GitHub.

Graphile has a number of crowd-funded open-source projects, licensed under the permissive MIT license, including PostGraphile, Graphile Worker, Graphile Migrate and Graphile Starter. Sponsorship increases the rate of fixes, documentation improvements, and feature development on these and other projects.

By significantly reducing the amount of work needed to achieve business goals, using the Graphile tools results in huge savings for users. If your organization contributes some of these savings back then everyone can benefit from more frequent releases with better performance, better compatibility, better documentation, easier customization, and more features — leading to even greater savings or profits for your organization. Join these companies and individuals already sponsoring the Graphile suite.

Cartoon woman holds up a heart by a laptop showing some sponsor logos including Postlight, Qwick and Dovetail

Read the GitHub Sponsors announcement.