Omitting Plugins

Whilst `graphile-build` and `graphile-build-pg` come with a lot of useful plugins enabled by default, you might not want all of them. It's easy to remove one though - simply omit it from the list of plugins you pass to `buildSchema`. Here's some examples:

Building the basic Schema without the Node interface

It's possible to build an even more minimal schema without Relay Node specification support by omitting the NodePlugin plugin:

const { buildSchema, defaultPlugins, NodePlugin } = require("graphile-build");
const { printSchema } = require("graphql/utilities");

buildSchema(defaultPlugins.filter(plugin => plugin !== NodePlugin)).then(
  schema => {

which generates this much simpler schema:

# The root query type which gives access points into the data universe.
type Query {
  # Exposes the root query type nested one level down. This is helpful for Relay 1
  # which can only query top level fields if they are in a particular form.
  query: Query!