Live Queries

Live queries let you monitor an entire query for changes, automatically sending you an updated version whenever any of the previously returned data changes.

This feature requires PostGraphile v4.4.0 or higher.

To enable live queries support in PostGraphile, you will need:

  • to pass --live (or live: true)
  • to provide a plugin that can inform PostGraphile of realtime changes

Realtime provider plugins

You may track changes to your database data in many ways, for example using database triggers and LISTEN/NOTIFY, using logical decoding, or even by streaming from an external source such as Kafka.

Currently we have one first-party realtime provider plugin, @graphile/subscriptions-lds:


This plugin uses the Logical Decoding features of PostgreSQL to get a stream of data changes very efficiently from the database (using its replication interface). When a change occurs, if any of the live queries would be affected by it, they're informed of the change and PostGraphile re-runs the query and sends the results to the client - this ensures that database permissions are always respected, and that no caching issues occur.

To enable this plugin, you must alter your PostgreSQL configuration postgresql.conf and ensure that the following settings are enabled:

wal_level = logical
max_wal_senders = 10
max_replication_slots = 10

You must also install the wal2json extension into PostgreSQL if you don't already have it (normally takes under 10 seconds):

git clone
cd wal2json
USE_PGXS=1 make
USE_PGXS=1 make install

Now PostgreSQL is ready, you can enable live queries support in PostGraphile. First, install the plugin:

yarn add @graphile/subscriptions-lds

Because of the power the replication interface gives, it's necessary to use a superuser or database owner account, so in addition to your normal connection string you must also pass an "owner" connection string which has elevated privileges. (If you're not using RLS/etc and normally use PostGraphile with a superuser/database owner account then this is unnecessary.)

On the CLI:

postgraphile \
  --connection postgres://postgraphile_user:[email protected]/db \
  --live \
  --owner-connection postgres://db_owner:[email protected]/db \
  --append-plugins @graphile/subscriptions-lds \

Via the library:

  postgraphile(process.env.AUTH_DATABASE_URL, SCHEMA, {
    // ...

    // Enable live support in PostGraphile
    live: true,
    // We need elevated privileges for logical decoding
    ownerConnectionString: process.env.ROOT_DATABASE_URL,
    // Add this plugin
    appendPlugins: [

More detailed instructions are available in the @graphile/subscriptions-lds README.


Note that each live provider plugin has its own limitations, and may not be able to detect all changes. For example @graphile/subscriptions-lds can detect changes to results queried from tables, but cannot currently detect changes to results queried from views and functions. In particular, computed columns are not kept up to date (although they are re-calculated whenever a table update triggers the subscription).


Live queries are a lot more expensive than regular subscriptions - the server must monitor a lot more sources to detect a change (monitoring each individual record returned, plus monitoring for additions/removals from any collection including filtering constraints), and changes will most likely be more frequent as they're coming from multiple sources. Use live queries with care - it's wise to keep the queries as small as possible since they must be recalculated any time anything within the query results changes.